Approved the Davis Cup of Pique

This Thursday has approved the reform of the new Davis Cup promoted by the Kosmos group, of which he is President Gerard Piqué. The project has been approved by 71 percent of the votes cast in the general Assembly of the International Tennis Federation.

The President of the ITF, the American David Haggerty, said that the new format reflects what the ATP players Council suggested in 2016 and will leave 25 million dollars annually for the federations and 20 for the players.

The current system of Davis Cup, set 118 years ago, leave step to the system proposed by the investor group Kosmos, presided over by the footballer of FC Barcelona and welcomed by the leaders of the ITF.

The original idea was amended after some countries – led by Australia – they openly oppose a tournament of 18 teams on a neutral site, in large part due to the loss of Parties at home.

The approved proposal requires that 24 teams play matches of local or visitor in February, and the 12 winners pass to the final. These were joined by the four semi-finalists of the previous year and two wild card teams.

The Davis Cup is disputed at present four weekends in February, July, September and November, the early rounds soon have completed the Grand Slam tournaments, and many of the best players not involved in recent years due to the concerns about excessive in his competition schedule programming.

Teams that reach the final will be placed into six groups of three and will play the round-robin system (all against all), two singles matches and one doubles.

The six winners of the groups and two teams with the best brands be classified to quarterfinals.

The new format was devised jointly by the ITF together with the Kosmos investment group, founded by Gerard Pique Barcelona football player, who is committed to an investment of $ 3,000 million over a period of 25 years