1992 – 2000


The Subs started the year on yet another European tour. First gig was in Oslo, Norway on the 12th January, the tour ran until the end of February. Scott Snowdon played guitar, Brian Barnes played bass, Charlie sang and Pete Davies battered hell out of the drums once more.
Back in the UK, they Subs managed to grab a few support slots with Stiff Little Fingers in March – 15 – Queen’s Hall, Bradford, 16 – City Hall, Newcastle, 17 – Barrowlands, Glasgow. At the Glasgow show, would be guitarist hopeful – Alan campbell saw them and decided he was better than Scott and asked to be tried out. And, Alan, as you probably know, has been a regular face in the UK Subs line-up since then. They play gigs in Europe in September / October and another gig in Lincoln (UK), again in November (indicating a UK tour?), with 999.


The UK Subs tour Europe in January/February. They play Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. The latter of which, Croatia, was currently classified as ‘in a state of war’. They play Zagreb on 9th February. This concert is broadcast live on Radio 101 and is released as a bonus CD with the new Album Normal Serice Resumed, which also featured the line up of Harper, Alan Campbell on guitar, Brian Barnes on Bass and Pete Davies returning behind the drums. The album was recorded during one week at the end of March.
Also released on yellow vinyl is the 7″ and CD single The Road Is Long EP which features tracks Here Comes Alex, Killertime, Jodie Foster and Another Cuba. They play Scarborough on 4th July which is filmed and released on video.
Later in the year, they tour the USA with Johnny Bravo. Matt McCoy plays drums with both bands.
Numerous re-released material begins to fill record shop shelves. Get Back recordings re-release the first four albums, on two CD’s. Dojo re-release a CD containing both the Endangered Species and Huntinton Beach albums. Also a ‘best of’ compilation entitled Scum Of The Earth on the Music Club label.


The Subs tour the USA with Gregor Kramer on Bass and Karl Morris on guitar. They release a one-off single Betrayal on orange vinyl. The musicians featured on this release are Harper/Garratt/Kramer/McCoy with Tezz playing 2nd guitar on the b-side track Nobody Move. The Subs play gigs in Scandanavia during late September/October.
Charlie joins up with Tezz, Kramer and McCoy, for another tour of America during November and December. They leave at the end of the tour to reform Batallion Of Saints, and once again Charlie seeks new members.
At the start of 1995 the Subs release a split single with The Swinging Utters entitled Split Vision Vol 1. Harper and Garratt teamed up for another one-off single, and borrowed the rythym section from Ten Bright Spikes – Dave Ayer (drums) and Jacek Ostoya (bass) to record the track Postcard From LA, this is released on coloured vinyl, again on New Red Archives.
In April/March the Subs play gigs in Scandanavia. In September Cherry Red Records release Punk Singles Collection, which features 17 of the Subs tracks.
Also in September, Campbell/Harper/?/?, play gigs in France and Germany, before heading back to the UK for a tour in November/December, including a date with SLF, Sham 69, and 999, at Bath Pavilion on 4th November.


The UK Subs tour Europe once again in January/February. Playing gigs in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Sweden and Finland. Released in March is a ‘best of’ Album Punk Can Take It, which features all the faves from the past.
They play Nottingham, Rock City on the 11th March, this is filmed and released on video.
The album Occupied is released. This release saw a reunion of the Harper/Davies/Campbell/Barnes line up from the early 1990’s
They play a new punk festival in Morecambe called Holidays In The Sun with other bands such as The Buzzcocks, Anti-Nowhere League and Slaughter And The Dogs Also released are the three Radio One John Peel Sessions the UK Subs recorded between 1978-79. These are titled Peel Sessions
Towards the end of the year, the Subs (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs) meet up in the States with Samian drummer Dave Ayer and over three weeks, manage to write and record enough songs for the next two albums and three singles. These are all to be released in 1997. Also released in October is another ‘best of’ compilation entitled Self Destruct : Punk Can Take It 2


The newly recorded albums co-incided with the 20th anniversary of the bands existence. They follow the alphabetical chain and come in two parts.
First, in January came Quintessentials followed in March by, Riot.

They also release three new 7″ singles, all limited editions of 2,000 copies, all pressed on three different coloured vinyls. These each also contained three tracks, the third track on each release was taken from the 1978 C.I.D release, featuring the original recordings of C.I.D, I Live In A Car and B.1.C.
War On The Pentagon with Rebel Radio and I Live In A Car.
The Day Of The Dead with Chemical War and C.I.D.
Cyberjunk with Quintessentials and B.1.C.

Towards the end of February, the Subs meet up in San Francisco. Harper/Gibbs/Garratt/Ayer rehearse new material, before heading out on a US tour. They are supported by Anti Flag. They play gigs all over the US including dates in Newark, Denver, Washington DC, Bakersfield and New York. During the tour Alvin Gibbs becomes sick, and returns to Britain. Alvin is replaced by a woman named Carly, who finishes off the last dozen or so dates.
Charlie is interviewed by the British ‘broadsheet’ newspaper The Guardian, this is published in April.
In July the Subs make another appearance at Holidays In The Sun in Morecambe.
In September and October the Subs once again tour Europe. They play gigs in Belgium, France, Germany and Poland amongst others. With the line up of Harper, Andy Frantic – bass, Gary Baldy – drums and a variety of different guitar players, they venture on another British tour during November/December. Including a slot at an all day punk event on 6th December, at The Astoria with The Angelic Upstarts, The Varukers and Dee Dee Ramone.


With the line up of Andy Frantic – bass, Alan Campbell – guitar, Gary Baldy – drums and Charlie on vocals the Subs play one off gigs in Britain, including a gig at Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross, on 28th Feb. Before catching the ferry to Ireland for a few gigs, including a slot at the Warzone Centre in Belfast, on the 6th March, which is recorded and released on CD ‘Live In The Warzone’ On 27th March, Charlie appears on the British TV show Never Mind The Buzzcocks which also showed a ten second clip of Stranglehold.
On the 13th April, Charlie records the new Urban Dogs album with Knox and Alvin in Sweden.
Riot 98 E.P was released on 27th April on red
vinyl, featuring tracks Riot, It’s A Scam, Bathroom Messiah and UK Subversives The Subs then head off to France on 28th April for a one week tour. They return to the UK and play a series of gigs including Charlie’s 54th birthday party gig at the Pembury Arms in Hackney on the 8th May In July the Subs play at the punk festival ‘Holidays In The Sun’ in Morecambe.
Endangered Species and Europe Calling albums are re-released.
Spanish tour dates are played in July. On 25th October they perform at the ‘Punk Aid’ festival in Croydon. A week later the Subs pop over to Holland for a short tour, before coming back to the UK, for the usual Christmas festivities, which this year includes a ‘signing session’ at Rooster Records in Preston. The album Punk Rock Rarities is released by Captain Oi records. This features 27 UK Subs studio recordings from the previous 21 years of their career.


On 16th January 1999 the Subs head straight out on a European tour, taking in countries such as Germany, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. The line up features Alvin Gibbs on bass, Gary Baldy on drums and Darrell Bath on guitar. Sub Mission is released in February. This features the ‘best’ of the Subs between 1982 – 1998. Some copies come with a bonus live CD. Both the Huntington Beach and In Action albums are re-released, as well as yet another compilation of studio and live stuff entitled Warhead. On 14th April the Subs are back in the UK and head up to Scotland for a 21 date tour. In June they once again play Holidays In The Sun, at Morecambe In July the Subs jet off for gigs in Canada and the States. They change line up once more. Charlie, Nicky and Alvin are together again. Gary cannot commit himself to the tour and is replaced by Gizz ‘Lazlo’ Navarro, drummer from the band Dead Lazlo’s Place. The Social Chaos tour begins on 16th July, and features the UK Subs with other British and American punk bands such as Chelsea, DRI, Vice Squad, The Business and Ganggreen. The tour started in New Orleans on 16th July and travelled through America playing places such as Denver, Seattle, Columbus, New York and ended in Toronto on 8th August. They return to gigs in England at the end of August. The UK tour begins in November. Darrell Barth is back on guitar, until Nicky takes over in mid November, Gary is on drums and Alvin is on bass duties.
Both Alvin and Gary become sick during the tour, and both drop out for a while. Alvin drops out for seven dates and is replaced by Tezz (3 gigs) and Alan Campbell (four Scottish gigs). The Pink Torpedoes drummer stands in for one gig after Gary fails to show up. Tommy Couch plays seven gigs before Gary decides to show up again and finish the tour. Hectic…or what? The tour takes in places such as Swindon, Bradford, Boston, York (where Steve Roberts shows up, but declines to play), Derby, Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The Subs have their ‘Millenium party’ on 28th December at the White Horse in Putney.


Nursing ‘Millenium’ hangovers the Subs head off in early January for a European tour. Nicky, Charlie, Tommy and Alvin gig in Germany, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Czech Republic. The first four albums are re-released by Captain Oi records.
These feature booklets with each release, which include photo’s and full printed lyrics. In April, Tommy is officially announced as the new UK Subs drummer. The Subs tour the UK in May/June with gigs in Coventry, Derby, Gillingham and Birmingham, including Charlie’s birthday ‘bash’ at the San Maritz Club in Soho on 25th May, and a slot at the Hackney Punx Picnic. In June Pumpy (ex Vice Squad) is announced as the new UK Subs drummer. They then head off for dates in Ireland on 15th June for a handful of dates in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Derry, before heading back to the UK for further one off gigs. The Subs pull out of several summer ‘punk festivals’ due to financial/contractual reasons. However, they do manage to perform at this years Punk Aid on 10th September. In October/November the Subs head off for gigs in the US and Canada. In December The Revolution’s Here is released by French label Combat Rock Records on both 7″ and on a seven track CD. The CD features tracks Reclaim The Street, Metro, Go Home, Something In The Air, The Revolution’s Here, Party In Paris and a remix/dub version of Something In The Air.
During December the Subs perform shows in the UK as part of their annual festivities.